Your Voice Matters
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Book Colleen Now To Rock A
Full-Day Or Half-Day Workshop For Your Organization
Colleen's Clients:
Residency Week
Department of Anesthesia
Cardiac Surgery
Your Team CAN and WILL Discover How To Gain Confidence, Clarity And Skill To Give Amazing Speeches, Presentations, And Sales Consultations... While Having "Oodles" Of Fun!

In a workshop for your organization, custom-fit and custom-delivered.

Each workshop lead by Colleen promises to deliver:
Passion, Presence & Connection

The magic combination to truly connect with your audience and to maximize your influence.
"Bring the Heart to Change the Head"

How to tap into your story to get your research / message out there and get the funding or platform you need.
Own Your Voice

How embracing who you are and putting it out there makes you a stronger leader, communicator, and public speaker.
Being And Connecting

An actor’s perspective on how to "be" fully present ... owning your role ... and connecting with your audience to drive home an emotional impact that gets RESULTS
Lecture as Communication

Secrets to a stress-free presentation! Your lectures don't have to be boring - learn how to make them a path towards communication and true learning that your audience takes home
Improv --- The Magic "Secret"

Discover how improv enhances communication & promotes teamwork --- plus, learn to deal with unexpected situations and use them to your advantage (instead of choking or feeling embarrassed in certain situations)!
PLUS... Each Workshop Is Enhanced With

• Participant Presentations with Real-Time Feedback
• Small Group Work
• Interactive Q&A
Doctors are a difficult audience, and what you have done so well, that speaks to your expertise, is that combination of giving us compelling insights, perspectives and practices of actors , while linking it to ours and answering to critical questions of content and context. You also made it greatly entertaining, engaging and fun!Thank you for making this workshop so unique and unforgettable for our department! Thank you again for such a great experience. People are still talking about it!"

 – Dr. Anne Wong MD
I thought it was great. 
It’s the most useful workshop I’ve been to.

– Dr. – Daniel Cordovani MD


"You are a superbly gifted dynamo who exudes joy and enthusiasm for people and for life. A person cannot help but love you."

 – Dr. Valerie-Dawn Girhiny DMin
I had a chance to work with Colleen because, let’s face it, we all have times when we need assistance, guidance, insight from others to help us go to higher nights. Colleen did that for me. She was able to give me insight & inspiration that allowed me to lift myself up so that I could reach higher, go further in life. If you need assistance with any endeavours that you’re trying to achieve in life, I would strongly suggest you reach out to Colleen. She’ll help you too."

– Greg Williams – Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert
Colleen & I have had the privilege of working together this past week and she is absolutely phenomenal. If you have an opportunity to work with her, I’m going to tell you, you need to run – don’t walk – RUN!!! Sign up and sign up now, cause you will not regret it. She’s amazing!"
 – Bobbie Robertson – CEO Music & Dance Preschools/Author/Speaker
Your Voice Matters
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