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Read Praise For Colleen's
Read Praise For Colleen's
Speaker Coaching
Praise for Colleen's Speaker Coaching
"The most valuable part of this week's seminar was Colleen's coaching. I've been through Toastmasters and other training on presentation, and what Colleen showed me with where to put my feed, how to hold my hands, and what to do with my energy just took my confidence to the next level. I'm so grateful."

- Mike Tate, Consultant, Author, "A Unique Renegade"
"What an amazing lesson again. Right after our call, I went into a call with some business partners... they noticed that my awareness and self-confidence had changed BIG time. I would like to thank you for this amazing experience. I feel on top of the world and I'm going to nail it on Friday."

- Dave De Meyer, Founder, The Million Dollar Club
"I want to give you another big THANK YOU for the fabulous session you gave yesterday! Such positive energy, insight and intuition. I had so many people tell me how instructive, enjoyable and useful it was. They learned so much about themselves and their presentation skills and importantly they had fun! Thanks so much again for your phenomenal work!"

- Anne Wong
Praise for Colleen's Books
I wanted to write to tell you what a wonderful addition Sad Sally has been to our daughter's collection of books. I meant to write earlier, and felt I had to today, when I heard my daughter repeating over and over, 'remember your rainbow and set yourself free' as she was spending some quiet time building a castle out of foam blocks.

I asked her shortly after buying the book why she liked it so much and she said, 'it is because it's ok that Sally is sad' and when I asked her what her favourite part was she said 'when Sally cries and cries until she can't cry anymore. Because it's ok to cry. I cry too sometimes'.

My daughter just turned three in March. But she is very in tune with her feelings and I think she really appreciated having a book explain that it's ok to feel.

Thank you for writing such a wonderful book for little ones.
Rachel Hovius
A child having repressed pent up feelings of sadness and a censored edict to not open up, leads to severe depression and an inability to experience love and life’s intimacy. Colleen Aynn’s ‘Sad Sally’ is a beautiful highly relatable tool for any psychologist, or child/youth worker to alleviate such suffering in children that they’re entrusted to treat. A must arrow in your therapeutic quiver!

Dr. Steve Stokl – Psychiatrist Southlake Hospital, Author of Mentally Speaking
Sad Sally is a marvellous children’s book with illustrations that lift the story off the page in a refreshing and engaging way. Absolutely first rate!. I cannot wait to read this book to my grandchildren! One of the best children’s books I’ve seen in a long long time.

Norm Foster – Canada’s Top and Most Produced Playwright
Colleen has taken some very complex teachings about dealing with emotions, our subconscious mind, our dark side etc. and turned them into something very accessible and fun for both parents and children. Bravo! What a great tool to help us teach our children and ourselves more about own feelings.

Judy O’Beirn, International Bestselling Author of Unwavering Strength series
I got really emotional when I read Sad Sally. It’s a book that I wish I had read when I was a kid or that my Mom could’ve read with me. When I was little I had these overwhelming feelings, I didn’t know what they were and I didn’t know what to do with them. This would’ve been such a comfort. I highly recommend this book for every parent and child.

Dr. Bruno Borges – Paediatric Anesthesiologist McMaster Children’s Hospital
With a simple and heart-warming story, Sad Sally reminds all of us, young and old, of the importance of accepting our emotions and staying true to ourselves and to our feelings. Wonderful story with a great moral.”

Liana Palmerio-McIvor, Registered Psychotherapist
Adults are reminded that sometimes kids just need you to listen, not explain away. And kids will know that sometimes you just need to go ahead and have the experience.”
Dr. Norm Buckley Professor and Chair, Department of Anesthesia Director,

Michael G. DeGroote National Pain Centre and famous Jeopardy answer.
I just finished reading it….. it’s wonderful!! I love the message— emotional awareness for children in a way I haven’t seen yet for kids books. Awesome Colleen…. you really have something here. So many kids will benefit and learn from your books.

Karen Desmeules – Special Education Teacher
Nowadays we don’t get taught how to get in touch with our feelings. Sad Sally and her friends help kids to realize what these feelings are and how to manage them. It’s even a great tool for parents! Reminding us that expressing our feelings is of great benefit. I can’t recommend this book enough.

Gerard Armond Powell – CEO Rythmia
Yes!!! This is what I’m talking about. Colleen has given us all permission to be ok and sit with our sadness for a second. To let it come in, and let it go out again. Fantastic! I sometimes feel myself wanting to rush through the negative emotions like sadness, anger so I can get to be happy again. When, if I would just take a little bit longer and really feel what was coming up not only would it leave faster, but I would get a deeper more profound experience out of it. Thank you for this powerful reminder.

Brandee Alessandra Co-Creator, Rythmia
Thank you, Just read your book. Loved it!! I wish I’d had it when my son was little…but will be so glad to share it now. It’s a great reminder all us kids from 1-99yrs!

Elizabeth Bartasius, Author
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